Due to COVID-19 limitations, please understand that my ability to travel may be restricted based on the country’s protocol.


There is nothing quite like that feeling of stepping on a flight, the rush of a new stamp in the passport, the gust of foreign air when you touch down in a new world. Traveling sets my passion aflame, where I can be anywhere on earth, yet simultaneously so deeply at home. Whether the classic romanticism of Europe or the ruggedness of far and distant terrain, I can't get enough of discovering new places. The joy I get from playing tour guide in my favorite corners of the earth, or seeing new places through your eyes is unparalleled. Have you wanted dearly to share somewhere so important to you with someone whose sense of wonder and adventure is boundless? Or have you longed for somebody who will take the reins of the ultimate break, one you've longed for for so long. So many people see travel as the ultimate form of escapism, but I see it as somewhere between this and the purest form of reality. The presence and aliveness of it all has yet to cease astonishing me.

I am eager to be packed into your suitcase to instantly sensualize any getaway you have planned. Be it a work trip or a grand escape, I can be sure to fill our days with topsy-turvy joy and lust. I am an adept and well-seasoned traveler with a penchant for picking up other languages. I can be trusted to hold my own in an unfamiliar setting and practice reverence for other cultures. Before you know it, we’ll be uncovering local gems and eating the most authentic food our destination has to offer!

Fly Me To You

While I am most often found in Seattle, Washington, I am always available for a Fly Me To You. Travel for FMTY appointments is currently considered for full day (6-8 hours), overnight, or multi-day appointments only. Additionally, I ask that you cover first- or business-class airfare, as well as send me a 50% deposit so that I can prepare and properly set this time aside for us.


I require 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep each night.

On dates 24 hours or longer, I require at least 2 hours each day for myself to recharge. I am a strong believer in that time alone interweaved with time together brings out the best in all of us. 

All travel expenses are covered by my suitors in advance (airfare, hotel, airport transport) as well as a 50% deposit.

Your move.

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