“A perfect cocktail of coquettishness and complete abandon, Zoya will become your new obsession”

You’ll know me as you do a fire.

We stare at a fire because it flickers, because it glows. The light is what catches our eyes, but what makes a person lean close to a fire has nothing to do with its bright shape. What draws you to a fire is the warmth you feel when you come near. 

Let me tell you something, this life I lead is the life I’ve always dreamed: to practice in The Art of Love. Exchanging love letters from the corners of our eyes across a crooked bar table; tracing flirtations along our cocktail glasses, wondering what’s to come. The electric and hypnotic quality when two strangers become something deeper, like when leaves take on the first shimmer of color in Fall.
Sweetest are my intimate impulses. What I veil with my language, my body utters. And never will you forget the shape of it and the way I move, rolling on the balls of my feet all swing and curve like a big cat. Thrilled mischief ever-present in my eyes.  The red, ripe plum of my mouth. 

A charismatic poetess with a resonant laugh, I come from a world where excitement isn’t taken to be a reverse indicator of intelligence, where it’s normal to mention Cocteau and belted kingfishers in the same sentence. Though hardly pretentious, I carry within me an orchard of experience, ripe with opportunity. I’m known to look for the chance to join the lines of a poem to a conversation seamlessly, which is a very fancy way to say I’m well-read. And isn’t every poem for someone? Why not you?

Zoya laying on a bed in a silk nightgown with playboy magazines and one open to a centerfold.

So come,
let me fix you some dinner
sit down and take off your shoes
and socks and in fact the rest
of your clothes, have a martini,
turn on some music and dance
around the house, inside and out,
it’s night and the neighbors
are sleeping, those dolts, and
the stars are shining bright,
and I’ve got the burners lit
for you, you hungry thing.

To Be Brief

Based in: Seattle, WA. Frequent traveler to Portland & Chicago.

Age: Late 20’s / Birthday: January 13

Body: Statuesque hourglass 

Height: 5’9” 

Measurements: 36 - 27 - 42

Shoe size: 10

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: Thoughtfully decorated 

Credentials: MFA in poetics, proficient in French, learning Japanese

Flora: Peonies, sweet pea, bleeding heart, lilies 

Libations: Gin martinis, vintage champagne, Lambrusco, natural wine, amaro

Cuisine: Farm to table, Japanese, Vietnamese, seafood, anything adventurous or unexpected

Poetry: Guillaume Apollinaire, Elaine Kahn, Anne Carson, Robert Desnos, Frank O’Hara

Hobbies: Traveling, language learning, weight-lifting, hiking, kayaking, cooking, dancing, birding, writing, reading, board games, wine & liquor collecting

Outings: Dinner dates, magic shows, antiquing, hiking, live music and dancing, museums, theater, karaoke dives

Your move.

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