Before you reach out, please familiarize yourself with all the information on my site, including the FAQ page.

For quick questions and returning clients, my assistant and I can be reached at

(I will never contact you via phone or text without your explicit permission)

While I am occasionally available for a last-minute rendezvous, my calendar fills up quickly! It will behoove you to suggest more options and dates further in advance. Please be specific as possible with your availability, e.g. “June 16th, 5-9PM” or “October 8th, before 5PM” or provide a window of dates that work e.g. “Anything between February 1st and February 7th before 12PM”

Please select at least one form of verification.

Please link to the (active) websites of one or two companions you have seen in the past year.

(image, name, and birth date visible)

You'll be asked to provide I.D. in a follow-up email.

I solely correspond with clients on a secure and encrypted server. I, nor my assistant Diane, will never share information about you with anyone unless given explicit permission to do so (e.g. you ask me to provide a reference to another provider).

Thank you! My assistant Diane will be in touch about scheduling within 48 hours.
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