How long will our poem be? A Dickinson-inspired glimpse or a more Homer-flavored epic? Endless possibilities...and the choice is yours. Below are my most popular offerings.

Seattle Donation*

  • 1 hour: 600 —  Haiku
  • 2 hours: 1100 — Couplet
  • 3 hours: 1500 — Tercet
  • 4 hours: 1800 — Quatern 
  • 6 hours: 2400 — Sestina 
  • 8 hours (day date): 2800 — Octet
  • 12-14 hours (overnight): 3600 — Sonnet
  • 24 hours: 6000 — Rispetto 
  • 48 hours (the weekend): 9000 — The Epic

Additional Offerings

  • In-date extensions: +600/hour
  • Couples: +200/hour 
  • Same day appointments are a rare occurrence. However, if the stars do align, I require an additional $100/hour for our meeting. 
  • Duos & Moresomes: I am always happy to bring a friend along for fun, or perhaps you have a special someone in mind? Duos and group booking rates are calculated by matching the donation of the provider with the highest rate. See my Friends page to view some of my favorite babes about town.

* Touring donation varies by city. Please inquire via email for more details.

Fly Me To You & Travel

Can’t find the time to visit Seattle, but can’t shake my siren song? I’ve a simple solution: Fly Me To You! Please see my Travel page for the fine print.

All engagements of 3 hours or more must include public time together. 4 hours or more must include a meal shared. For overnights, I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and coffee in the morning. I am a dynamic sort, and I am drawn to those who want to make a lasting impression. I am open to new experiences and delight in an unexpected excursion. Want to learn more about the types of dates that make me swoon? Take a look at my date ideas page.

Your place or mine?


I am always available to host at my beautiful and private loft on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington.


Want me to come to your side of town? I am available to travel to upscale locations in the Seattle metro area with a 2 hour minimum booking, with travel expenses paid in advance.

Social Outings

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, I assure you I make excellent arm candy. Perhaps you love the thrill of the turning of heads as we walk through a crowded gallery. Maybe you’ve got a dinner function and need a whip-smart confidante to bring you out of your shell. Or do you need a co-hostess with the mostest? I’ve not only the looks to kill, but the social adeptness to thrill (and a breadth of skill, always aware when a drink is in need of refill, and an incessant desire to fulfil...but I digress). From exploring a jukebox dive in another side of town to accompanying you to a wedding, I am available for platonic outings at half my standard rate.

Your move.

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