Please present my consideration in an unsealed envelope on a visible surface before my arrival for outcalls and upon arriving for incalls, without comment. If we are meeting in public, please feel free to place it in a card, book, or with a gift (for those who wish to go the extra mile).

In essence, I expect my clientele to be courteous, prompt, and respectful. Please practice exceptional hygiene and arrive freshly showered with teeth brushed to our appointment. If you have not had the chance to freshen up directly before our meeting, I will invite you to do so at my fully-stocked location.  

Hoping to imbibe during our time together? I’d love to shamelessly flirt with you over a bottle of wine, and welcome the bringing of sealed bottles to share together as we get to know one another. With this in mind, please do not arrive intoxicated to our appointment (think: if you’ve had too much to drink that you shouldn’t drive, then you’ve had too much for us to safely enjoy our time together). While I do not partake myself, I am 4-20 friendly. 

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to arrive with weapons of any variety in your possession. I reserve the right to terminate any session due to rude behavior, feeling unsafe/disrespected, or violation of any above listed requirements.

How do I screen?

I offer a number of simple screening options for my clientele. Clients may send a photo of their government ID (with photo and name visible) and/or a current business card as well as a link to their LinkedIn profile or business website. 

Clients may also send (at minimum) two active provider references’ website links as well as their contact information. I will not accept a provider reference with only a phone number or no digital presence. 

Clients who are active members of TNA or PrivateDelights with two or more recent “Vouches” may begin the screening process by sending me a direct request on said site. 

If you would rather screen in person, please see my Rendezvous page for my strictly platonic rates, where you may show me your ID in person. 

While a low volume provider, I receive a high volume of inquiries. Upon reviewing your email and/or booking form, my gracious and thorough assistant Diane will be in contact with you regarding scheduling. Utilizing an assistant has allowed me to focus all my energy on my in-person encounters and has been an absolute godsend. Please be sure to treat all interactions with Diane with the utmost respect. During screening, Diane will be sure to prioritize the most articulate emails that contain all proper screening materials.

Dance Card

In addition to being a full-time sensualist, I am constantly nourished by this dazzling world and am often out pursuing my other varied passions. My dreams, darlin’, are so large I swear they get cut off in photographs! As a girl about town, my calendar fills up quickly. With this in mind, I encourage pre-booking an appointment with at least 48 hours notice. Established and pre-screened clientele are welcome to inquire for a last minute appointment, but I cannot guarantee that I will be available.

Do you have a deposit policy?

Most commonly, I require deposits for extended dates, while touring, and for those new to seeing providers. These deposits can be made via Cashapp, PayPal, or Venmo. It is non-refundable to ensure your availability and readiness to commit to a booking. If for some reason I must cancel our time together, the deposit will be returned to you.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I completely understand, sometimes things come up and get in the way of a good time! That being said, both my time and yours are valuable. I have a strict cancellation policy to account for the fact that I have an incredibly limited amount of free time and set my schedule sometimes a month in advance. Cancellations of 48 hours or less notice will require a 50% cancellation fee. Failure to comply with my cancellation policy shows me that you do not respect my time and energy, and will result in being denied for any future bookings.

I'm new to this. Will you still see me?

Absolutely, and I’m delighted to say that I am often chosen to be someone’s first foray into this magical world. I’ll just need a little more information from you. All new clientele are required to send their legal name, photo ID, and phone number. Once we get past all that nitty-gritty, I’ll be happy to set that pendulum of lust going inside you.

How do I know you're really you?

It is with huge risk that I show my face on my website and advertisements. Additionally, I have various social media accounts that I update on a regular basis with current photos, playful musings and more (see Instagram or Twitter). I have raving reviews, and my reputation precedes me.

What if I have privacy concerns?

Worry not, as privacy and safety are of my utmost priorities and I have worked with high profile clients from all over the world. If not already, I recommend using an encrypted email service such as ProtonMail for our correspondence. If being seen in public poses an issue for you due to being high profile, please let me know, and we’ll find a workaround whether it means going incognito to a secluded getaway or an NDA.

Can you come to my city?

I am based in Seattle, but have a persistent case of wanderlust and find myself frequently visiting the likes of Portland, San Francisco, and Chicago. I am always titillated by a Fly Me to You (see my Travel page) with serious, screened clients. If a FMTY is not within your budget but you would like to meet, please consider pre-screening so that I have all the more reason to visit your city, and can reach out when a tour is set. Please note, I will require deposits to book on all FMTY’s and most trips. If you have any further questions, please inquire during screening.

Do you see people with disabilities?

Absolutely.  I am open and happy to see anyone, and treat each encounter with the utmost care and respect. The greatest dates begin with the clearest communication, so please feel free to write me with your questions or concerns regarding a session. I am also comfortable working openly or discreetly alongside caregivers, if needed.

Are you POC friendly?

Of course! I aim to be inclusive and accessible to all. I do not discriminate based on gender, orientation, body size, disability, national origin, religion, or race. Not only do I not discriminate, but I am genuinely excited to have clients of all identities and backgrounds. I am committed to making sessions accessible to everyone, so please don't hesitate to inform me of any specific accommodations you may need.

Your move.

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